Keep Enjoy in Every Learning Process


Let me say happy about Pancasila's day. Pancasila is ideology of our nation. Today, that all of Indonesian's people celebrating Pancasila's day.

Even though many people celebrate it, we can't guarantee they adopted the values of Pancasila itself. But it's not problem. And now, let's implement together by our self to make Indonesian better.


Lately, I have spent many time to studied English. According to me, so difficult to study English. Because there are so many rules that make me confused. Like grammar, pronountation, and the way we speak fluent.

But I try to study hard every time, because I wanna go to overseas as soon as possible. May Allah always bless my learning process. Amin.

Thank you for always teached me patiently. Adore you as always.

Best regard, overseas hunter!

Mataram, 1th June, 2017

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